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UStream for WordPress and the power of the community

Ustream_Logo_2013 I recently got a support question on my plugin called UStream for WordPress which is a plugin for embedding UStream videos on you blog. The plugin did not seem to work after the WordPress 4.0 update and the user seemed to have at least one client who really needed it.

The reason behind the failure of the plugin was that UStream had changed the way you embed the video from object tags to iframe tags and the fix was easy. I updated my plugin, answered the user and she was happy. And if she was happy, I’m happy!

The WordPress community for the win!

wordpress-logo-notext-rgbWhat I want to say with this is not that I fixed this bug and “Hey, I’m so good”. No, I really want to give thumbs up for the community thing where you can get a lot, and I mean really a lot of functionality for free but also┬áthe possibility to give some back witch other can utilize on their WordPress driven sites.

I both use other plugins and on some of them I have reported bugs to the authors. I have in all cases gotten help pretty quickly and been able to continue to use their plugins and have not been forced to do the hard work of building these plugins my self.

There is one thing I want to encourage people to do when they use plugins they get for free and that is to give back a review of the plugin. Either by just mark the grade of the plugin or write a word or two what you think of it. This will help contributors to get their work used by even more people and probably make them put more effort in creating awesome stuff.

The WordPress community for the win!