Polopolyforum has closed the doors


As one of the two creators (@niklasolsson@patricjansson) I must say we did a good thing when we started Polopolyforum. The need for a publicly available information source was big and Polopoly it self (the company) was not transparent enough. So we took matters in our own hands and launched www.polopolyforum.se.

Back in 2009 when we started, the lack of public information and knowledge exchange around Polopoly was poor and many companies, most media and universities, used Polopoly CMS for their main sites. In parallell to this the universities had discussions and knowledge exchange during the yearly conference Suniweb but also during meetings in between on different locations like KTH, SU and LIU.

Since Polopoly them selfs did not arrange any meet ups Xlent took the chance and invited a lot of Polopoly customers for an evening with talks, discussions and snacks. We presented Polopolyforum and we got some more contributors from that point.

The community

We got more and more members in the forum but not so many did contribute to the knowledge base as we where hoping for. One of the obvious reasons was that there were and still is many consultants that maintain and develop the Polopoly instance on these companies and the willingness of sharing solutions to the competition was not so great.

The in-house developers at the universities did not have that competition but the numbers of developers in that category was not so high so the information flow was still pretty low.

Blog posts, guest posts and interviews

To level up and get some content we started to blog about what we did and learned. We also invited people to write guest posts and we arranged meetings with Anders Weijnitz (@aweijnitz) who were the product owner of Polopoly CMS at that time. He presented the new functionality in the up coming releases and what they were planing for the nearest future. This information was published on the blog and made sure no one was working on the same functionality as Polopoly was building in the CMS is self.

Later on Marcus Frödin (@marcusf) became the product owner on Polopoly and he went out to the Swedish customers and arranged geek meets. The community started to grow again and the the trust of Atex/Polopoly started to come back. But after some time Marcus moved to Spotify and the lack of information and interest was a fact once again.

CMS logos

The move to EPiServer and other open source frameworks

Today in Sweden a lot of previous Polopoly customers has made their move to EPiServer and some other to open source frameworks like Drupal and SiteCore. Maybe because the lack form Atex to keep their existing Swedish customers “warm” and informed of their future plans and road map.

This has off course decreased the contributions to the Polopoly community and the purpose and goal of Polopolyforum to full fill.

It was fun as long as it lived and maybe the critical mass of Polopoly CMS customers will be reached in the future but until then….over and out!



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