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Universal Analytics Injector

When Google announced that Universal Analytics went out of beta in April this year I thought it was time to create a WordPress plugin that is up-to-date with the new scripting syntax. I also wanted to add more features out of the box compared to the script you get in Google Analytics when you have activated a profile to be able to measure what you want.

I have previously created a couple of plugins to enable Google Analytics tracking on WordPress but this time I combined both the original Universal Analytics tracking script and a lot of extra tracking:

Universal Analytics Injector WordPress plugin settings page
The settings for Universal Analytics Injector WordPress plugin
  • Outbound links
    When the user clicks on a link that navigates the user away from your site it’s good to know where they went to be able to know if the exit was good or bad for your business. Eg. if you have your conversion on a separate site the exit is the goal but if they leave your site where you want them to continue, you want to know where and why.
  • Downloads
    Which files are downloaded and from where? This is good to know if you want optimize your site and bring your most wanted files to the front.
  • Mailto clicks
    It’s good to know from where and when your visitors need to contact you. If you know that you probably find short comings in you web site or just make sure you have the resources during busy times to answer their questions.
  • Video tracking for YouTube and Vimeo embedded videos
    To produce video can be quite expensive and you would like to know if your visitors watch and get your meessage. Which videos do they begin to watch and for how long? Do the see your selling point or do they leave before they have had the chance?
  • Anonymized ip filtering
    If you want to anonymize your visitors ip addresses before you send the analytics data to Google you just click on the checkbox and it’s all done!


If you want to know what your users are doing on your site, how they navigate, what material they interact with and last but not least: improve your site from the knowledge you get out of web analytics, this plugin is what you want.

Install the plugin and paste your Google Analytics UA-xxxx code in to it and you are all set!

Download it from plugin repository: Universal Analytics Injector