A new and easy to use WordPress plugin to show or hide content in your blog

I just created a new WordPress plugin that you can use when you have to compress the content in a FAQ or similar. Eg. when the information of your page is to long, you can initially hide content and show it when clicking on a given element.

This bird has nothing to do with the plugin 🙂 Image source

As said above a common use case is a FAQ where the questions are visible and the answers are initially hidden. Have a look at this example:
Use case:

Q1. This is the first faq question
A1. This is the answer for the first faq question.
Q2. This is the second faq question
A2. This is the answer for the second faq question.
Q3. This is the third faq question
A3. This is the answer for the third faq question.

Code for previous example:
<div class="ssh-question">Q1. This is the first faq question</div>
<div class="ssh-answer ssh-hide">A1. This is the answer for the first faq question.</div>

Get the Simple Show Hide for WordPress plugin from any of these locations: WordPress Download or GitHub

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