A fresh start, a minimalist theme and zero content

This blog has been up and down for several years now and the content has differed from time to time. Now I want a clean start so I removed all the old stuff and installed WordPress 4.0 from scratch.

New theme with minimalist design

I have also started to work on a new child theme with a minimalist design based on the WordPress Twenty Thirteen theme which is the theme used on this blog right now. The work is still in progress and not finished by any means but I will hopefully continue util I’m satisfied or bored with it.

The idea behind the design is to make the content number one and easy to read and consume. Everything else is secondary.

What I’m planing to write about?

I plan to write about stuff I do regarding web development, analytics, search, content I find inspirational, presentations by others and myself, technical insights, interesting new stuff etc.

I hope you find some content interesting and if you do, you are very welcome to share it or leave a comment, if not, just enter a new URL in the address bar of your browser and continue to something that interests you more. Internet has something for everyone 🙂

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